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OBR Listing Criteria


Casinos listed on this site exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Good reputation - few player complaints .
  • Complaints that do arise are resolved within a reasonable amount of time.
  • History of paying players promptly.
  • Bonus structure that is fair and easy to understand.
  • Integrity - casino treat players fairly
  • Good customer support - attempts to provide real answers to questions & problems.
  • Terms and conditions can easily be found on the casino's web site. Bonus terms and conditions are easily found and straightforward.


Some Casinos are not listed on this site because of the following characteristics:

  • Recent history of not paying players within a reasonable time.
  • Bad reputation - numerous players complaints.
  • Player complaints ignored by the casino and/or complaints from 3rd party organizations ignored by the casino.
  • Deceitful or misleading advertising practices.
  • Suspect software is used.
  • Casinos that arbitrarily label players as bonus abusers even if the players are following the casinos rules.
  • Bonus structure that has unwritten rules or too much small print.

Casinos listed in the Top Casino Rankings are held to even higher standards.

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